Cape Dobrec

Cape Dobrec

Cape Dobrec is a reef that has 3 platforms. The lower platform is located at a depth of 30 m. This dive site is well suited for both beginners and experienced divers who decided to make daily diving in Montenegro.

Along the entire reef you can see various representatives of the Adriatic underwater such as octopuses, morays, hermit crabs, as well as a lot of lobsters. The absence of currents and good visibility give Cape Dobrec popularity as an excellent location for diving in Montenegro.


Average depth 15 meters
Max depth 36 meters
Current None
Dive site quality Excellent
Experience CMAS*/ OWD
Dive type Nature / reef

Travel time from our dive club to the dive site “Cape Dobrec” is 25 minutes.

  • Cape Dobrec

    42.412284, 18.552435

    Cape Dobrec due to the bottom structure will be interesting for both experienced divers and beginners having their first dives in Montenegro